Our commitment

At Haste we continually, assess, review and invest in our health and safety which covers every aspect of our working day. Our Safety Management System ensures that we comply with the latest legal regulations and legislations.

We have a health and safety committee which is made up of staff from each area of our business to ensure that every team has a voice and a platform from which to share their views and ideas.

Following high levels of organisation and management, in 2018 we were awarded ISO45001:2018.

By achieving this certification we confidently assure our clients that all internal procedures and systems are to the highest of standards. The accreditation covers all of Haste’s business streams; Neutral fault emergency attendance, electrical, gas and submains, metering and risers.

External auditors found no opportunity for improvement when they visited again in 2020.

The development of our customer relationship managment system (CRM) has allowed us to track and record all health and safety requirements with near 100% accuracy.

We never take this for granted however and we actively encourage our workforce to feedback information regarding health and safety continually ensuring our health and safety culture is of the highest calibre.

Our Safety Motto has been developed within the Safety Committee:

On site, at work, or in the home

We take our sustainability and health safety responsibilities very seriously indeed.

We constantly review the sustainability of our activities taking care that the work we do has a minimal, and where possible reversible, impact on the environment. This covers everything from the responsible disposal of electrical waste through a fully traceable system to minimising the carbon footprint of our offices, facilities and vehicles.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

All of our employees are issued with personal protective equipment (PPE) notably Fire rated(FR)/electrical safety PPE, equivalent to the tasks they complete, which is worn and held by the individual member for protection against one or more health and safety hazards to enable them to safely carry out their duties safely.

Risk Assessments

Our risk assessments are reviewed regularly to ensure all control measures are in place and implemented. These are used as a guide for all field staff when completing dynamic risk assessments for each property they visit. We always carry out on-site risk assessments before any works are started.

Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)

All safe systems of work are easily recalled in digital format for all operatives, not only ensuring our field operatives are working to current guidelines, but this is done in an environmentally friendly way.