Electricity MOP

Electricity Meter Operator (MOP)

At Haste, we’ve been trusted electricity meter installers for many years. We inititiated moving meters as part of our sub-mains/ riser installation service for distribution network operators (DNOs) when they needed site modifications. We then started Revenue Protection services and Specialist Meter Point installation work, for both domestic, industrial and commercial sites.

Haste has been MOCOPA registered since 2017, and in November 2020 became Balance Settlement Code registered. As a result, we can now offer full electricity meter operator (MOP) services.

In particular, we offer services where the traditional MOP would not have the expertise to complete an installation, or where there are issues on site that prevent the basic metering team from completing the tasks at hand. We also pride ourself on offering a tailored service which simply isn’t in the traditional MOP’s portfolio. Our commitment to customer service and clear communication allows us to push your expectations higher.

Haste can undertake the following meter works:

  • Meter installations – Single phase, Three phase and CT
  • Smart meter installations
  • Design and planning of meter installation requirement
  • Meter point investigations and full installation solutions
  • Signal investigations, complete with solutions
  • Multi-occupancy updates and upgrades
  • Emergency metering response
  • Maintenance/inspection/accuracy jobs
  • Domestic, industrial and commercial (I&C)

A team who excel

Our in-house training facility is dedicated to metering works of all types and Haste metering team are expected to meet the highest standards of accreditation. We run a constant upgrade programme so that individual staff can develop and increase their expertise in service delivery.

Focus on vulnerability

Issues found on site will be promptly escalated to you so that the best course of action can be taken. Our team is committed to outstanding customer service for both you as a client and any vulnerable customers affected. We ensure that vulnerability is not compromised further, and that sites are made as safe as possible.

Our office – AKA Mission Control

Our dedicated office team direct and schedule operatives and deal directly with customer access issues and appointments. As Mission Control for Debt Recovery, you can rest assured that all our services are carefully planned, managed and delivered. This includes Court liaison for gaining warrants and liaison with other service such as the Police, as appropriate
for each site.

Conduct that counts

At Haste we pride ourselves on our conduct. Our operatives comply with the appropriate National Door Step protocols at all times. And our systems and principles of working and training emphasise the importance of professional demeanour and always providing the best possible customer service.

Online. On demand

Through our online client portal, you can also access all site visit information in real time, as it’s created by our operatives. Monitor our performance via the portal dashboard, including SLAs. And you can also leave feedback and retrieve reports on all the information available. The Portal Link is available across multiple platforms, and can be bespoke for your needs. As we handle Portal Development in-house, changes can be made in real time.

It all adds up to real communication that makes the data speak your language.