Debt recovery

Our team

Haste’s highly trained Revenue Protection Metering Team can also support Debt Recovery operations – acting as trusted specialists in even the most difficult situations.

As metering operatives they can:

Act as or Assist a Debt Warrant officer with safe de-energisation if appropriate.

Fit new meters with built-in systems that allow debt recovery over a longer time period, while retaining the customer on power.

Our service

Our Debt Recover service can be tailored to your needs, to integrate seamlessly with your own business offering. It includes:

Cold call and door step visits

Hand-delivered letters as part of the process leading to warrant

Locksmith and Dog Handler visits

On site liaison between you and your customer

Vulnerabilities escalated and not compromised

Operative competency for electricity and gas

Potential appointment of Haste as the MOP and MAM for sites with entire visit regime.

Focus on vulnerability

Issues found on site will be promptly escalated to you so that the best course of action can be taken. Our team is committed to outstanding customer service for both you as a client and any vulnerable customers affected. We ensure that vulnerability is not compromised further, and that sites are made as safe as possible.

Our office – AKA Mission Control

Our dedicated office team direct and schedule operatives and deal directly with customer access issues and appointments. As Mission Control for Debt Recovery, you can rest assured that all our services are carefully planned, managed and delivered. This includes Court liaison for gaining warrants and liaison with other service such as the Police, as appropriate
for each site.

Conduct that counts

At Haste we pride ourselves on our conduct. Our operatives comply with the appropriate National Door Step protocols at all times. And our systems and principles of working and training emphasise the importance of professional demeanour and always providing the best possible customer service.

Online. On demand

Through our online client portal, you can also access all site visit information in real time, as it’s created by our operatives. Monitor our performance via the portal dashboard, including SLAs. And you can also leave feedback and retrieve reports on all the information available. The Portal Link is available across multiple platforms, and can be bespoke for your needs. As we handle Portal Development in-house, changes can be made in real time.

It all adds up to real communication that makes the data speak your language.